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What we do

A Specialist Recruitment Company

Southall Sage is a specialist, streamlined recruitment company focussed on sourcing talent across several inter-connected industrial markets. We are proud of a reliable, efficient and precise approach – for candidates and hiring companies alike. Tailoring work around clients’ needs is paramount, as they are so diffuse, and ever-changing.

The business was founded on the desire to provide a refined recruitment offering, stripping away unwanted components in order to deliver an effective, streamlined service. Oliver wanted to create a brand which concentrated on a relatively small number of very active clients in the Industrial sector, but delivered exceptional results.

We are confident and proven in our ability to complete many different types of recruitment assignment, from senior executive searches to volume hiring at the mid-level, and even market-mapping projects.


Oliver Davies

Oliver has over 10 years’ recruitment experience across Chemicals, Plastics, Packaging, Industrial Equipment, Energy and Logistics. He works with a small group of clients to deliver a recruitment service they want to recommend – prioritising the specific needs of each search, the hiring company culture, and acting as the best ambassador for your business.

‘After working in recruitment ever since leaving university, I realised (especially in the last 5-6 years) that I love the job. I wanted to build a business around my own values in this industry, and provide what I have come to learn that clients really value. I really enjoy working with cool, cutting-edge companies in what can sometimes be disregarded as a stuffy, old-fashioned sector. Building (and more importantly) maintaining relationships is key to this business, and I pride myself on a strong candidate reach, and exemplary feedback.

“Southall Sage” comes from names in my family – a major motivation for me each day. Over the last few years, learning how to get better results whilst spending more time with family has been a huge driving force behind this independent venture. What you get when you partner with Southall Sage is an honest and focussed service, drawing on my experience, network and drive.’

What we do

Our Values


If the brief is not something that we can fully satisfy, we will let you know. Managing expectations is crucial when hiring – for all parties involved – and we are always reachable to keep processes running smoothly or address urgent needs.


Hiring is frequently a top priority for most companies, and we understand that, so will set realistic deadlines and milestones, and hit them.


From a decade in recruitment, we know honest, consultative advice is the best way to guarantee the result for both the hiring company and Southall Sage.


The best connections come from recommendations and good feedback. Every project is undertaken with this at the forefront of our mind.

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